2009-06-10 03:36:22 by Pumo

Well, i have nothing important to say now, but i was tired of seeing the same news here.
Anyway, only thing i may say (just to give a bit of variety) is my new forum URL:

And also i would like to anounce V2 of Pumo Mines 1 Level Demo. This one lacks briefing & movie but it's a lot better in general (at least in-game) as it uses all new D2X-XL modding features.
You can check it out on my Pumo Software website.


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2010-05-17 11:15:37

You should submit "where she awaits - riding to the moon" to a WipEout game. I think it would fit right in, and it's exactly the sort of music they look for. It's a great song too.


2011-02-18 11:31:44

Are you going to be doing more D1 Trance remixes? I'm looking forward to hearing your interpretations of game02 and game13.


2011-03-06 21:04:59

Why do you have balls on you head?