2014-03-14 16:07:42 by Pumo

OK, I've not been around here on NG since some years already!

I could say I almost forgot of this account, being relatively more active at forums and DeviantArt.

But I will try to update this account from time to time with some new music stuff every now and then.

I won't say that I will be really active here, but will try...


2009-06-10 03:36:22 by Pumo

Well, i have nothing important to say now, but i was tired of seeing the same news here.
Anyway, only thing i may say (just to give a bit of variety) is my new forum URL:

And also i would like to anounce V2 of Pumo Mines 1 Level Demo. This one lacks briefing & movie but it's a lot better in general (at least in-game) as it uses all new D2X-XL modding features.
You can check it out on my Pumo Software website.

New forum and Pumo Mines Demo!

2008-11-01 01:38:10 by Pumo

I've finally released a new version of my Pumo Mines Level 1 Demo (playable) with all the new high-quality stuff!

Just in case you don't know, Pumo Mines is a Mod/Mission set for Descent 2 videogame (for D2X-XL version specifically) with a lot of new and custom stuff!

Check it out on my website: http://www.pumosoftware.co.nr

Also, i've just opened some new forums, so be sure to visit them at:

There you can talk about several things, including Descent, my Pumo Mines project, 3D Art, Music, RPG Maker, Anime and a lot more!